Testimonials for Singing Lessons at The JAM Singing School

Sonja Courtis – Singer

Over three years ago I came across James as a singing teacher.  This was born out of my frustration with current ‘Speech Pathologist’ who was treating me for vocal nodules.  The therapy required me to not use my voice at all in any way, not even to cough or whisper (an impossibility I felt).  Upon visiting James we started a dynamic singing approach working on vocal scales and focusing particularly on the areas of my voice that were particularly ‘weak’ and damaged (as opposed to singing ‘around’ them or avoiding them for the sake of sounding better).

Needless to say, that despite the pain of having to sing into these less than sweet sounding areas, I have experienced vocal transformation beyond my wildest dreams. Whereas a few years ago I thought I would never be able to sing again, I am now 90% back to full voice, I have a clear natural ‘ring’ when I speak, there is no longer the husky damaged voice I had 3 years ago.  But what is more important is my vocal nodules have gone.

James has provided such a positive and dynamic means to improving vocal tone and resonance.  The natural singing approach that he uses is so thorough that it ensures all areas of the voice are strengthened to ensure a strong powerful singing and speaking voice.  No ‘masking’ of the rough areas.  Like any damaged muscles in the body you have to strengthen them to make them last and that is exactly what has happened for me.  The JAM Singing School has been so encouraging and supportive.  James has a fantastically in-depth knowledge of voice projection and helps to explain the processes so that you understand what the purpose is behind the lesson.  I would recommended anyone who is truly serious and committed to having a stronger, clearer voice, for whatever reason, to undertake lessons with James at ‘The Jam’. He provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.  And the results can be heard over time!  If the commitment is there, then you will achieve fantastic results.  No more costly speech pathologists for me!!.  I am so very grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to continue to hear the improvements in my voice.

Garth Cahill – Musician (The Scores),  Sound Engineer

James’ commitment to the progression of vocal ability has not only given me confidence to perform in the community, it has also strengthened my resolve to gain a career within the music industry.

His knowledge passed on has broadened my communication with other musicians when collaborating on musical works, live engineering and recording in a studio.

Joshua Balbin – Singer, Composer

Since starting with James, I have learnt a whole new approach to singing.  The techniques that I have learnt have helped my voice develop in a way that I can clearly understand and then implement when practicing on my own.  When I first started, I would never have imagined being able to extend my range as much as I have, and I am still amazed at some of the notes I have been able to reach.  Studying with James has also given me a greater insight into understanding vocalists in general, and, as a regular performer (in two bands) and composer, this has helped me enormously when working and performing with other singers. Learning with James has given me a lot more confidence in my singing ability and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a complete and thorough education in singing.

David Nemirovsky

When I first started with James I wasn’t sure what he had to offer me as a singing teacher.  After only two lessons I was hooked!  James is the most passionate person I’ve ever met in regards to singing.  He takes a very methodical approach to teaching singing and is inspired by the greatest singers of all time such as Caruso and Tetrazzini.  He starts from the body’s physiological design and journeys through every aspect of singing naturally.  James is well spoken and is able to explain things in a way that’s easily understandable.  Teaching singing is certainly an art of its own and James is fantastic at it.  I highly recommend James and The JAM Singing School to anyone who wants to learn about singing, whether professionally or just for personal gratification, James has great things to offer.

Cameron Rawlings

I have been studying with James for almost a year and my voice has developed significantly during this time. I now have greater strength and a vastly superior sound. My range in scales has extended from E 2 down to Bb 2 and my high range from G# 4 to C# 5.

James has also been very helpful in developing my overall understanding of music, I find his teaching methods  practical and easy to interpret.

Teresa Miceli

I have been studying the art of singing with James for the past three years.  Throughout this time my voice has developed power, ring and a quality of tone, including the ability to sustain high notes with ease.  This enables me to sing with a freedom of expression that is my own – the magic and achievement resulting from natural voice production training.

However, like other arts such as dancing, music or painting, lessons are not just about the end result, nor can they be achieved overnight. Ongoing instruction is given on the physiology of the voice, including first and foremost the health and resonance of the natural speaking voice, breathing methods, musicality, and technique, to engage the whole body when singing.  This will enable one’s voice to provide a lifetime of singing pleasure as well as the continual excitement and challenge of learning new material to provide options for singing well in various genres. James is a dedicated teacher with incredible technical knowledge which is applied to each individual student’s needs.  His friendly personality and genuine interest in his students is well received by students of all ages and ability and his creative application of technical aspects of the voice and singing ensure that lessons are always enjoyable.

Barry Zeuschner

I began Singing Lessons with James in January 2009. After just a few months my range has improved considerably and I can now sing songs in a higher key. My volume, tone and resonance have also increased significantly. My friends have already noticed the difference in my singing.

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