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James Macaulay’s passion for singing started at a very early age. As a young boy James loved to sing to himself and would often ride his bike up and down his street singing hymns, gospels and even Elvis Presley hits. This habit later earned him the nickname “Elvis”, but it wasn’t until James was older that he began to have formal Singing Lessons. His parents helped to cultivate a diverse taste for music by exposing James to an incredibly eclectic variety of genres and artists. As a result James is passionate about numerous styles of music and enjoys singing and listening to everything from jazz to rock/pop to Opera. In order to develop his musical understanding and ability, James started to have guitar, clarinet and saxophone lessons when he was ten, and later took up piano.

When James was a teenager, he began to have Singing Lessons with a retired soprano, yet he found these Singing Classes vague and many questions were left unanswered. Having an inquiring and analytical mind, James was left unsatisfied with the Vocal Tuition and stopped shortly afterward.

After finishing school James began a Bachelor of Arts degree at Monash University, majoring in the English language. After acquiring this degree in 2002 James undertook further study and completed a Bachelor of Teaching degree (Primary and Secondary) in 2004. James has since gone on to successfully obtain an AMusA in Singing.

While undertaking his Arts degree, James began to study with renowned drama teacher Peter Sardi. During this time James was introduced to voice expert Antonio Lancuba who had undertaken Singing Lessons with Lisa Paglin and Marianna Brilla of the Nouva Voce Studio, Ossimo, Italy. In addition to having illustrious careers, Lisa and Marianna had conducted 15 years of research into the voice. With a clear decline in the quality of voices being produced today, as well as the widespread teaching of false singing methods, Lisa and Marianna had set about reviving the lost art of natural, physiologically correct voice production within their Singing Classes. James was fascinated by this vocal method which he studied for over seven years.

While still a student, James showed an incredible aptitude for understanding and applying the fundamental aspects of correct voice production in his Singing Lessons. In fact his maestro asked James to start teaching students as his workload was becoming too great. Within a year James was established as Musical Coordinator and was responsible for overseeing many of the studio’s events and activities in addition to the regular Singing Classes that he taught. In addition to this, James was made first tenor in the Voci D’oro choir and was given the responsibility of training and preparing the bass and tenor sections of the choir for performance.

James continued to work at his maestro’s studio for several years before becoming the Principle Teacher at The JAM Singing School. Having now taught hundreds of students, James’ ability to develop each individual’s range, power and tone quality has made him much in demand. Since he began teaching James has taught men, women, adults and children of all ages. He has taught complete beginners as well as experienced professionals.

As a performer, James has sung more than a dozen solos with the Voci D’oro choir at various venues around Victoria. He has sung as lead tenor with the opera band Alchemy and has performed at numerous functions around Melbourne. His performance repertoire has included Verdi, Faure and Mozart’s Requiem, Handel’s Messiah and Vivaldi’s Gloria.

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