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Welcome to The JAM Singing School! The JAM Singing School is one of the leading Singing Schools in Melbourne. Our school’s teacher – James Macaulay (BA, BTeaching, AMusA-Singing) is one of the only Singing Teachers around today who teaches the lost art of physiologically natural, instinctive and inspired singing, and provides Singing Lessons that not only get real, noticeable results, but that are also fun and exciting!

  • Do you want to drastically improve your voice’s range, power, flexibility and tone?
  • Do you want to be able to sing more in tune and have better timing?
  • Do you want to learn the secrets of great phrasing and interpretation?
  • Are you frustrated from having had too many Singing Teachers who didn’t do much for your voice but knot it up and confuse you?
  • Do you want to have fun in your Singing Lessons while learning in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment?

If so then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a complete beginner, a veteran student or an experienced professional who desperately needs an overhaul of their technique or just a bit of touching up, The JAM Singing School is able to cater for your specific vocal needs. We offer a wide range of tuition options, including private Singing Classes and group Singing Classes.

Here’s what some of James’ students have to say about their experiences at The JAM…

“…I have experienced vocal transformation beyond my wildest dreams.” – Sonja Courtis, Singer

“…I would never have imagined being able to extend my range as much as I have, and I am still amazed at some of the notes I have been able to reach.” – Josh Balbin, Singer, Composer

“Teaching singing is certainly an art of its own and James is fantastic at it.” – David Nemirovsky

“James is a dedicated teacher with incredible technical knowledge which is applied to each individual student’s needs.” – Teresa Miceli

Here are some thoughts on singing by James…

“For those of you who have never sung before, you might assume that all Singing Teachers teach the same vocal technique, and that all professional singers, or at least the ones who have been trained, sing with a good technique and that this technique is natural. (By natural we mean that the technique is based on physiologically natural movements of the body.) Those of you who have had Singing Lessons before, especially those who have had multiple Voice Teachers, will know that this is not true.  There is a plethora of different singing techniques out there and there is absolutely no universal agreement as to what the correct method is. Many an eager singing student has become frustrated trying to find the truth amongst a large haystack of convoluted ideas. The proponents of each method vehemently claim that their method is the “right” one, so knowing exactly who is “right” can be very tricky.

Some might argue that there is more than one legitimate way to sing as everyone is different and one technique might suit one person, but not another. However, the basic structural anatomy of each of us is the same. Sure, one person might have a larger mouth cavity, or a smaller larynx than another, but the anatomical structure underneath it all is the same. Therefore, the basic technical approach should be the same for all of us with minor variations to account for the minor variations we each have in regards to our head shape and size, chest size, vocal cord length, etc.

Many of you who are professional singers yourselves or who have been studying the voice for a while will also know that not all professional singers sing with a balanced, natural technique. The proof of this is that many young singers start off with a promising career but then fizzle and burn out within just a few years, their voices no longer able to endure the strain of their faulty vocal technique. Some of these singers have even studied with highly revered teachers!

So what does this all tell us? Well, it tells us that we cannot merely trust someone’s thoughts on technique just because they are a professional/famous singer or a well respected teacher. Believe me, there are many well respected teachers and many of them have a completely different approach to the voice. So why trust one respected teacher when another one says something completely different? Because of this I believe that you should not trust someone purely on their reputation. The other thing is that when one hears the students of many of these teachers, they often fail to impress. I don’t want to sound rude, because I think it’s important to respect everyone’s art, but you also have to be honest. If the student sounds all foggy and throaty (on a consistent basis), and they are supposed to be a finished product, then I’m sorry, they are clearly not singing with the best technique they could no matter what “scientific” theories support their method. I have heard many Singing Teachers go on and on about the theory behind what they teach and how it is all “scientifically supported”, and to be honest it all sounds pretty convincing at first, until you hear one of their students.

This leads me to my next point. I am very dubious about the words “science” or “scientific” being attached to singing technique. As far as I’m concerned, the proof is in the pudding. A certain teacher may have a PHd in the “science” of singing and claim to teach the most “scientifically supported” technique on the planet, but if his/her students sound like nails on a blackboard, then the technique is bogus. What I think most people don’t realise is that “science” is a brand. It’s all marketing. As soon as you add the word “science” to anything, it adds instant credibility, weight and respect. I’m not saying that science is all rubbish, of course not, i’m just pointing out that many researchers or teachers use the word “science” to add credibility to their ideas; but when you look at the scientific processes that led them to their conclusions, they are actually not always that thorough or conclusive.

What many Singing Teachers or Singing Schools fail to understand is that you cannot rely purely on theories, and science to develop a voice. Nor can you try to nut it all out with your mind alone. Believe me, I’ve tried. You just go round and round in circles in your head. The reason why it doesn’t work is that great singing is instinctual and intuitive. You can’t over analyse it. If you are overly cerebral, you will not discover the truth, it’s a big trap that many including myself have fallen into. Many of the greatest discoveries I have made about the voice have come from years of fine tuning, trial and error, or have occurred by accident whilst actually singing, or have popped into my mind without me grinding my brain for hours beforehand.

It is through awareness of bodily sensations and heightening your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sensitivity that you develop and open up your voice’s greatest potential, and this is what I aim to do with my students when they undertake Singing Lessons with me.” –  James Macaulay

The singing technique taught at The JAM Singing School is extremely rare today and is designed to open up your voice’s maximum potential. The rarity of this vocal method is due to the fact that very few Singing Teachers or Singing Schools today really know about the voice and how to train it properly. The Singing Lessons offered at The JAM Singing School are tailored to each individual voice as every voice is different and unique. James is an experienced Singing Teacher who understands the true nature of the voice and how to realize its full capabilities. The Singing Classes taught at The JAM Singing School are specifically designed to maximize your voice’s range, power, breath control, resonance, beauty, freedom, flexibility and tuning precision, and very importantly, to achieve the right balance in the way you sing. But great singing is not just about good vocal technique, at The JAM Singing School, each student is taught the many intricate aspects of musicality and interpretation, as well as the various stylistic characteristics of each musical genre.

The JAM Singing School’s ultimate aim is to awaken your sensitivity to the spiritual power within the music that you sing and to enable you to convey that power and inspiration in your singing.

The JAM Singing School
caters for

  • All Styles of Music –
  • Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Opera, Musical Theatre.
  • All Ages and Levels
  • Private Singing Lessons
  • Group Singing Lessons
  • One to One Singing Lessons
  • Highly Experienced and Knowledgeable Teacher

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